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Which Lube Is Right For Me?

Good, Better, Best - What's The Difference? That depends on whether you're an Au Natural, Hybrid, or OEM man.  


Straight Talk About Masculine Face Care

Over two dozen of our most frequently asked questions - in no particular order, including where we got our name FaceLube, plus industry insider tips and secrets other men's skincare brands happily keep hidden from you. 


General Service Dept. Q's

Order lead time, customer service, return policy and whether Bots run FaceLube's Service Department. Looking for the  Service Dept? Contact Us.

Good, better, or best: What's the difference?

Good - 100% All Natural & Organic Face Care


Authentic, Pure & Simple. The best natural & organic men’s skincare Made in America with appreciation and respect for Mother Nature. Formulated with industry leading wild crafted, organic and fair trade ingredients where possible, if you're looking for men's skincare products that are made from all natural ingredients, this collection is for you. 

If you're looking for products with anti-aging benefits, please keep in mind that while natural ingredients do have inherent anti-aging benefits, for example, helping to smooth out lines and soften skin with regular use, in general, it takes longer to see results with all natural products. 

Ideal for Younger Men, Basic Daily Face Care & Maintenance, Or Men Who Prefer To Go "All Natural". Made In USA

Better - The 95/70 Hybrid Collection


Here we jump from All Natural Men's Skincare for basic daily maintenance to the next level of High-End Men's Anti-Aging Skincare.   

The 95/70 Hybrid Collection follows The 95/70 Rule - Products in this collection are highly concentrated and made with high quality ingredients that are a minimum of 95% Naturally Derived and 70% Organic. 

The majority Natural components work hand in hand with proven science-based anti-aging active ingredients to achieve visible and sustainable results. 

Excellent for men looking to achieve faster results through anti-aging men's skincare products made with a high percentage of naturally derived and organic ingredients. 

Suitable For Both Newbies & Experienced Users Or Masculine Skin That's Seen Some Bad Road. Made In USA.

Best - Premium OEM Quality


Best In Class High Science Meets Nature. The Premier Collection is The Ultimate Ultra-Masculine Anti-Aging Skincare where the active ingredients are primarily OEM name brand rather than their generic counterparts.  

If You want the best in men's anti-aging skincare without any fluff and bluff, this is it. Highly concentrated results-oriented anti-aging skincare is formulated from a combination of natural super-botanicals, infused with the latest and most advanced Premium European and American Name Brand science-based anti-aging active ingredients in OEM ingredient manufacturer recommended concentrations for visible, sustainable results. 

Suitable For Both Newbies & Experienced Users Or Masculine Skin That's Seen Some Bad Road. 

• No Controversial Chemicals • Paraben Free • Sulfate Free • Silicone/PEG Free • Fragrance Free • Made In USA •

General Order Related FAQs

1. How and when do you ship my order?

Orders received during the week are typically shipped the next business day. Orders are typically shipped by USPS First Class Mail or Priority Mail with Tracking.  

Unless you tell us you prefer another shipping method, this includes Alaska, Hawaii and the US Virgin Islands. 

2. Do you ship outside the USA or APO?

Yes we do! We welcome APO as well as customers with verified foreign street address. Please contact us for payment and shipping options. 

Active Military, Veterans and Family - FaceLube appreciates your service to our country, please look for special promo code for additional discounts on your order. 

3. Returns & Exchanges

We take pride in the caliber of our ingredients and world class manufacturing partners. But after a test drive, if you find that you have sensitivities to a product, let us know. Everyone’s skin is different and incompatibilities happen sometimes!  

If you'd like to return an item for refund, please send it back within 14 days of receipt. 

4. I need help selecting the right lube for me.

FaceLube specializes in men's anti-aging skincare. We pride ourselves on our extensive selection of products to suit different budget and personal preference. If you'd like assistance choosing the right product for you, give us a call or Contact Us

5. Is FaceLube a virtual store staffed by Bots?

Nope. No bots. FaceLube is a bricks and mortars store staffed by real people. Give us a call, Contact Us, or use the dedicated Service Dept email address included in your order form anytime you have a question about a product or an order, we're happy to help! 

Straight Talk About Masculine Face Care

1. Do men and women age differently?

In general, women age sooner in slower progressions. Men age later, because the masculine skin is thicker and starts out with more collagen and elastin than women's. But once the male aging process begins, it happens in quantum leaps. At some point, the years of subjecting the skin to harsh conditions through shaving (which constantly strips away layers of protective skin and natural moisture), outdoor activities and hazardous work conditions catch up to him. 

2. Why care about my face?

Many experts agree that it takes less than 10 seconds to form a first impression about a person and over 90% of the decision is based on appearance. The initial judgment could make or break a job interview, a first date, or a critical business deal. It's not about looking young or handsome, it's about looking good. Your face says so much about your vitality and general state of health. Proper diet and regular exercise promote health and wellness. Extend that routine to your face, as you would with regular maintenance on your car. Like your trusted ride, if you take good care of your face, your face will take good care of you.

3. What causes wrinkles?

There are two reasons. As we age, we lose collagen and elastin, the two major building blocks of skin. Collagen is like an understructure that keeps your skin plump and firm. Elastin helps the skin "snap back" in place when it's stretched out of place from facial expressions etc. Younger skin is tight and supple. Collagen and elastin work like the coil springs and shock absorbers in your car's suspension system. When a car comes across a bump or a pothole in the road, the tension in the springs responds quickly to help keep your ride a smooth one. But with wear and age, your car's suspension system loses that ability to "snap back" as quickly and effectively as it once did. Coil springs in the mattress also work in the same way.

As we age, dead skin cells don't shed as quickly and new cell growth slows. As a result, skin sags and loses its texture. It also becomes dull, rough, dry and builds up gunk and debris, like the finish on your car over time. Then there are free radicals that react with certain chemicals in the body, and in the process, cause damage and interfere with the skin cell's ability to function normally. And if these weren't enough, environmental factors, like sun (UVA/UVB) exposure and pollution also cause wrinkles and other visible signs of aging skin - think unconditioned leather bucket seats that become parched and wrinkly over time.

4. How about all-in-one body wash?

You wouldn't use a tire cleaner on your fine leather seats, so you'd want to think twice before making a habit out of using an all-purpose body wash all over the most delicate parts of a masculine face. Soap and body wash can strip your face of natural moisture, leaving it dry and prone to fine lines that deepen over time. Facial skin has very different needs and texture than your hair and the rest of your body parts. 

5. What do I need to know about Facials?

A facial is a general term for beauty treatments that are usually performed by an aesthetician in a professional setting, e.g. a spa, salon, or doctor's office. In the USA, a facial treatment can cost anywhere between $50 on the low-end to an average of $150 and upwards of $250 or more per session. The price depends on a combination of factors - the client's objective, condition of the skin, type of procedure, experience of the professional, office location and so on. Generally, you will be asked to book a handful of sessions in short intervals, or to subscribe to an on-going treatment program to maintain your objective. Rarely will one single session resolve your skin care issues. If it does, you probably could have achieved the same results without it. 

There are some facts you'll want to consider before you decide if a facial session is right for you. First, the down-time. Depending on the type of treatment the aesthetician recommends for you, your face may be red, blotchy, dry or even scaly for days. You may need to stay out of the sun, or away from bright indoor lights for some time, wear protective clothing or head covering. Second, find out how many sessions you will need to achieve your objective and how long the results from each session will last. 

Finally, find out if you will be required to 'do your homework' to maintain the results. Many aestheticians will request that you 'do your share' to maintain the results from the facial session with a series of skin care products and daily regimens to follow at home. By the time you're done, a $65 facial session may end up costing you a few to several hundred dollars for skin care products that are possibly at best, equivalent to what you find here at FaceLube. 

6. My soap has moisturizers in it, why use anything else?

The short answer - so does your dishwashing liquid, but you wouldn't use that on the masculine face! Think about it - if that were enough, women would stop using any skincare and anti-aging products, too. 

7. I think skin care and face creams are "girly" and for ladies.

Yes, we agree. That's why FaceLube is designed from the ground up for masculine men who refuse to be feminized. FaceLube celebrates masculinity and communicates with men through their natural affinity to their rides. You won't find sappy beauty terms, girlie scents, frilly packaging and you won't find marketing campaigns like those from the traditional beauty industry that want to change you and help you get in touch with your "inner feminine side". 

The vast majority of men's skincare products utilize feminine characteristics, because they use the women's line as blueprints for the men's. The reason is because statistically, up to 70% of men's skin care products are purchased by women for men. So even though the end users are men, the marketing, the packaging and the retail environment out of the traditional beauty industry have to first appeal to women before she will pick it up and buy it for her man. 

FaceLube disagrees with the traditional beauty industry's current methods of marketing to men. They either target women - because the Beauty Industry can't get to you, so they get sneaky and go around your back to your women instead, or seek to change men and persuade you to become more 'feminine'. Rather than change men, FaceLube celebrates masculinity and embraces the masculine ideal by working with the masculine nature. 

8. I'm intimidated by the number of products my girlfriend/wife uses - do I need all that?

No. You don't need a bunch of stuff to reap the benefits of a properly maintained masculine face. Effective masculine men's skin care, anti-aging and face care products should be straight forward and deliver results. FaceLube's high performance 3 step system includes a cleanser, treatment and protectant. It's simple and precise - bing, bam, boom AM/PM and you're done! The sealed pump bottles are easy to use. There are no messy tubes, jars, droppers to deal with. The FaceLube kit doesn't oxidize and collect germs like open containers and won't make a mess in your sink or on floors even if you knocked it over.

9. Do I need a separate eye cream or night cream?

Well it depends. If you don't have any fine-lines or wrinkles around the eye area currently, then you're probably fine with an all purpose face cream. However, if you're looking to diminish the look of fine-lines and wrinkles in the eye area, you'll probably want to supplement your face cream with an anti-aging eye cream. 

while the Good: All Natural Collection does come with an eye cream and Night Cream option, there's no separate eye cream in FaceLube's Premier Collection, because we believe that if the products are good enough, there's no need for the customer to spend more money on a separate men's eye cream or night cream. 

10. I'm thinking about getting face-lifts, lasers, fillers and/or injections

Before you commit to these procedures, be realistic about the costs and downtimes involved. These procedures are non-permanent and on-going. Most people need multiple sessions to get the best results. Depending on the procedure, you may have varying degrees of redness, peeling, puffiness and so on that could last for days to over a week after each session. You will probably be advised to stay out of the sun and even wear protective gear over your face, etc for an extended period of time. The same goes for minor cosmetic procedures like facials and microdermabrasion. 


Finally, you will be given homework – that means that you will be sold various skin care products to use at home to complement the procedures you just had, if you want to maintain the results for any period of time. So if you're still going to need anti-aging skin care products even after going through the expense and hassle of cosmetic procedures, why not give FaceLube a try. 

11. Do FaceLube products use natural ingredients? What about organic products?

Yes. FaceLube offers three different option categories. 1. Good: All Natural. 2. Better: 95/70 Hybrid, and 3. Best: Premium OEM. Read more about them here. In general: 

The Good: All Natural Collection is formulated with 100% All Natural Ingredients that are also organic and wildcrafted where possible. 

The Better: 95/70 Hybrid Collection is formulated with a minimum of 95% natural, 70% organic ingredients. 

The Best: OEM Premium Collection is formulated with a combination of natural super-botanicals and original OEM laboratory science-driven active ingredients for realistic and sustainable results. 

FaceLube products do not contain harsh and controversial chemicals, silicones, sulfates, PEG, dyes, nor parabens. FaceLube uses natural alternatives to controversial chemicals like oxybenzone and sulfates. And we don't test on animals. 

FaceLube's primary focus in men's grooming and men's skin care is anti-aging. Our flagship OEM Premier Collection combines natural ingredients such as super botanicals (fruits and plants that have strong anti-aging properties) and the latest science-based anti-aging active ingredients to achieve sustainable results. 

All natural and organic products have their merits, but they also have significant drawbacks - so it really comes down to personal preference. In general, organic based products can't deliver the kind of anti-aging power that their scientifically driven counterparts can. Aesthetically, the product texture lacks the elegance and refinement that many users expect from high-end men's grooming and men's skin care products, and have very limited shelf-life.

12. Why should it matter where my face creams and skin care products are made?

What pet food and face creams have in common. 


This is more of a problem with low price face creams and drug store skin care than high-end/luxury brands. There's a reason why many low cost skin care products on the internet and in stores don't list the country of origin/manufacture on the box. Instead of 'Made In Country X', what you see instead is 'Distributed By Company X'. Even if the distributor is a familiar American brand, it doesn't mean that the product is US made. It just means that someone somewhere slapped a label on it. There's a reason why some skin care sellers don't want you to notice the country of origin. Factories in many foreign countries aren't subject to the same stringent standards as the US and other highly developed countries. Don't be duped, if you don't see the country of origin clearly marked on the packaging, be very, very leery of what's in it. 

Scroll down to see the credentials behind FaceLube products. 

13. So what's the game plan?

Like a regimen of healthy diet and exercise, the earlier you start putting your face on a proper maintenance schedule, the better the results you will have over time. And you can never be too late. Even if you're only in your twenties, it's not too early to start on a skin care regimen. It's like getting your car started on a maintenance schedule when it's still under automaker warranty. You don't want to wait until it looks like it has seen miles of bad road! Think about it - your sister, girlfriend or wife probably started on a skin care routine in her teens. 

If you are a first time user new to the FaceLube Maintenance Schedule, we suggest that you start with one of the Kits. Once you become familiar with the routine and your preferred usage, you can use each of the steps independently, or even mix and match.

Step 1 - Start with a Good Cleanser

Why it's good for you - Because your face builds up dirt, grime and dead cells, you want to clean it away to prepare your face for Nutrition and a close shave. Masculine skin typically has larger pores and very active sebaceous glands. While these glands are critical for keeping the skin naturally hydrated, if they produce too much sebum, your skin will feel greasy. Neglect to wash away the excess oil and dirt can clog pores and leave the skin prone to breakouts.

It's like washing your car, you want it free of old build-up wax, bird droppings, brake dust and road debris, but you don't want to strip it so much that you damage the clear coat finish. So you want to use a cleaner that is gentle enough to bring out the skin's natural moisture, but powerful enough to unclog pores and cut through the grime. 

Step 2 - TREATMENT (Nutrition for Your Face)

Why it's good for you - Now that you've gotten rid of the gunk and junk on your face, you want to feed it proper nutrients. Treatment minimizes fine lines and wrinkles by helping to restore the skin's natural balance, rebuild collagen and elasticity, repair past damage and strengthen it against further environmental and free radical assaults. 

Also, men with oily skin tend to have the misconception that they don't need to nourish the skin. But that's not the case, because the process of shaving constantly strips away layers of protective skin, in addition to natural moisture, so it's important to restore the balance. In the summer months, sweating dehydrates the skin, so you will want to restore the skin's natural balance with a treatment to keep it from becoming even oilier. 

Step 3 - PROTECTANT / FACE CREAM (Protection for Your Face)

Why it's good for you - Protectant works in conjunction with Treatment. It picks up where the treatment leaves off. Often, the active ingredients in the Protectant are complementary to the Treatment. The Protectant helps to further strengthen the skin's inner structure and seals in moisture. Regardless of your skin type, in the winter, you will want to complete your routine with a Protectant, because when it's cold outside and warm inside, the artificial warm air dries out your skin more than usual, causing it to itch, flake and develop fine lines and wrinkles again. 

14. What about sunscreen?

If you spend time in the sun, or drive around a lot, you'll want to give your face the added protection of a high performance broad spectrum sunscreen that doesn't leave you smelling like the tutti-frutti lady. UVA/UVB rays are damaging to skin. Apply 15 minutes before sun exposure and reapply every couple of hours. A high quality sunscreen is natural or mineral based and has anti-aging properties. It won't have controversial ingredients such as oxybenzone. The texture is light and doesn't feel chalky or oily on your face. It shouldn't have an annoying chemical odor. In fact, it should smell like a masculine man or it shouldn't smell like anything.


The FaceLube Natural! Anti-Aging Sunscreen is formulated without silicones, parabens, oxybenzone, phthalates, gluten or other controversial chemicals.


If you hate the plastic-like, chemical smell, or fruity cover-up flavors of common sunscreens and the chalky, oily gunk it leaves on your face, then you'll like the FaceLube Natural! Anti-Aging Sunscreen for men.

15. What about skin care products with SPF?

Modern chemicals used for infusing anti-aging skin care products with SPF properties are irritants and are often not compatible with the most advanced and effective anti-aging ingredients. 

FaceLube is well aware of the pervasiveness of SPF infused anti-aging skin care products out on the market. We understand that consumers like the convenience of an all-in-one product, but the technology isn't there yet. FaceLube® also feels that to include it in our products would be misleading and irresponsible, because sunscreen must be applied continuously and liberally to provide the most effective protection against UVA/UVB rays. 

Men's skin care and anti-aging products with light SPF properties meant for single AM application give consumers the false impression that it only needs to be applied once a day for full day protection. Most experts recommend reapplying sunscreen every couple of hours. You don't have to take our word for it, confirm it with your own research. 

16. I want results overnight. I want my wrinkles gone in seconds/minutes/hours.

Sure! We get it. You've got a hot date, a reunion, the deal of a life time that just fell into your lap a minute ago and now you're scrambling to present your 'best face'. Yes there are products out there that will lift that droopy eye lid and erase those wrinkles in minutes... But that's not FaceLube.    

The 'miracle', 3-5-7 minute instant lift serums you see on TV and elsewhere have one purpose only - temporarily lift droopy skin. There are some issues with this. 

1. Check the ingredients. If the ingredients you put on your face matters to you. e.g. high quality natural, organic or botanical based ingredients, these often chemical-based products aren't it. 

2. Un-natural look and feel. If your face feels awkwardly tight, filmy and chalky. It probably is. And the last thing you want minutes before your big meeting is for a colleague to pull you aside and ask the dreaded - "what happened to your face?". But don't worry, you'll get  your old face back in a matter of hours because results don't typically last more than that. 

3. Last but not least the main reason FaceLube doesn't sell these -  these type of products are very stressful for your skin. It's like doing heavy duty weight lifting without the requisite warm-up.  

So do yourself a favor. Start putting your face on a maintenance schedule,  with men's skincare products built from the ground up for men, so you can be ready to waltz into any situation and always look your masculine best!

17. When do I see results? Will I notice a difference after use?

Absolutely. Just like taking care of your wheels and that favorite ride involves a series of smaller steps that lead to a great big picture outcome, or how a balanced diet and exercise leads to a healthy, strong and vibrant body, the effects of taking proper care of your face is cumulative. Please keep in mind though that all natural products are great for general maintenance, but will take longer to deliver anti-aging results. 

Results are typically most noticeable around 3 weeks. Experienced users of men's skincare can usually tell far more quickly - within days of use. Many FaceLube customers are newbies and we love getting emails and feedback that tell us the customer had no idea that the product was working until one day someone he hadn't seen in sometime compliments him on how good (or how much younger and more vibrant) he looks! 


So keep at it and you will see the results for yourself. It's normal if you don't immediately feel the active ingredients working on your face, some people are naturally more sensitive than others. Rest assured, the active ingredients are doing their thing. And like scheduled maintenance on your car, you will be able to maintain optimal results and keep your face in the best shape that it can be short of cosmetic procedures. The motivation will be even stronger when people start talking about how good you look! 

18. What's the percentage of improvement before/after use? Where are the before/after pictures?

There are no before/after pictures nor % on the FaceLube website, because we don't like fine-print. Ever notice how ads that entice you to buy a skin care product by touting the high % of improvement before/after usually come with some fine print? And that fine print is always some blurb about how your individual results may vary. 

FaceLube products are formulated with top-notch and clinically proven anti-aging ingredients from world class labs and manufacturing partners. So yes, FaceLube® could very easily capitalize on these trials, and we could pepper our ads with words like "magic", "miracle", "instant results", "look 10 years younger" and throw in some airbrushed models while we're at it. But we choose not to - because our customers deserve better than fine-print. At the end of the day, the only results (%) that matter are yours! 

19. Why do FaceLube products work?

There's no secret to why FaceLube products work. Unlike other skin care brands that hide their ingredients and country of manufacture, FaceLube products are formulated with the best anti-aging active ingredients the beauty industry has to offer. We prove it by openly publishing our primary active ingredient deck and the country of origin. If our products still don't deliver results, the entire beauty industry, their manufacturers and R&D labs can all pack up and go home! 

20. How about skin sensitivities?

FaceLube products are formulated for the general population. If you develop some irritation from use, your skin may be sensitive to some of the active ingredients. If you're new to FaceLube®, have sensitive skin, a history of allergies, or are just not sure, it's always a good idea to check for sensitivities before you start a new maintenance routine for your face.


Here's how to do a patch test: Apply a small amount of product to your forearm (opposite your elbow), or behind your ears for about 3 days. If at any time you notice irritation or redness, wash thoroughly and discontinue use, until you find the right product for your skin type. And if this is your first time applying FaceLube products to freshly shaven skin, we recommend that you test a small area on your face before applying to the whole face. 

If you pass the patch test - Congratulations! It's Time to Put Your Face on a Maintenance Schedule®.

21. What's the difference between FaceLube products and their low price competitors?

It's like this - a Cadillac and Hyundai both have an engine, a transmission, four tires, a steering wheel and everything else in-between. Plus they'll both go 80mph and beyond. But you only need to drive one to know that they aren't the same. And that logic extends to men's grooming, men's skin care and anti-aging face creams. Just because they seem to have similar components don't make them equals. Many factors go into a high-end product: Quality and concentration of active ingredients, technology, sophistication of manufacturing protocols, durable packaging, and country of origin, just to name a few. Anti-Aging skin care really is a lot like cars. It's the same reason BMW isn't going to sell a brand new 7 series for the price of a Hyundai. 

Have you ever bought aftermarket brake pads for your car, because they were cheap, only to have them squeak shortly after? It gets so annoying, the only solution to end the hassle was to replace them with the high quality OEM pads that your car came with in the first place. 

With economy men's skin care and face creams, sometimes you get what you pay for and you won't know until after the fact. High-end men's grooming and anti-aging skincare products have their inherent cost, but there are many out there where the only thing high-end about them is the price tag - to subsidize the cost of slick ads and PR hype. 

Think about the last time you pumped gas, had an oil change, bought brake pads, or tires for your car. Did you pick a higher octane gasoline, opt for synthetic motor oil, a different additive, or OEM parts and brand over another, because you knew it'd be better for your car and you'd save more money in the long run than if you had gone with the lesser product? Masculine men's skin care and anti-aging is no different. 

22. What about drug store brands and the gossip - are they the same as department store brands?

The Beauty Industry itself refers to the products they sell at these stores as 'low-end'. And, many common drugstore brands actually belong to the same major beauty companies that also own the 'high-end' department store counterparts to these 'low-end' drug store products. Since that's true, isn't all that gossip about them being the same a little far-fetched?


Sure, drugstore brands are cheap, but there's usually a catch. If you're just looking for something to lubricate your face, you may as well rub your face with motor oil. 

23. How long does a FaceLube kit last?

 Based on user feedback, the full size kit lasts on the average between 2.5 to 3 months. And those are pretty good batting averages for high-end anti-aging skin care products. If you are new to concentrated skin care, we recommend that you read the instructions included in the kit before you start. A little really does go a long way with FaceLube. If you dispense FaceLube the same way that you do with your typical men's face creams and drug store moisturizers, you'll see results, but you'll also deplete your FaceLube kit far earlier than you have to. 

While the recommended use is AM/PM, some customers have stretched the kit out to 4 months or more by starting out with AM/PM usage and then gradually transition to once a day when they start seeing results. FaceLube is a high-end product line. That means it's highly concentrated and is packaged according to the standards and customs of luxury skin care products. Unless you are pretty familiar with your wife's or girlfriend's beauty creams, most men wouldn't know that the industry norm of high-end anti-aging products range between 0.25oz to 1.7oz. The heart of FaceLube products and most of the cost of the product is in the concentration and quality of the primary active ingredients. Sure, we can dilute our products several times over, put them in bigger bottles, charge you far less and let you think that you're paying less for more, but it's just not something we're willing to do for your business. 

This brings us to some car talk. Next time you go to your auto parts supply store or car care aisle, take a look at the selection of engine/oil additives. There're usually a few in 8oz bottles and others that cost less, or about the same in bigger 32oz/quart-size containers. Human nature will probably direct you to the bigger container - we all like value, but common sense and a quick read of the label will tell you that you're paying mostly for motor oil and not the actual concentrate that protects and keeps your engine performing at peak. 

Now compare the cost of a FaceLube regimen versus the cost of on-going facials and cosmetic procedures, not to mention the 'homework' that aestheticians will still put you on (see comments above), you still come out far ahead with FaceLube. 

FaceLube offers exceptional value for your money. It's like getting quality OEM parts for your car for the price of an aftermarket replacement.  

24. What if it didn't work out for me?

FaceLube formulations are based upon extensive research and the latest technology. We take pride in the caliber of our ingredients and world class manufacturing partners. But after a test drive, if you find that you have sensitivities to a product, or if it just didn't perform as expected, just send it back for an exchange or refund within 14 days of receipt. Everyone’s skin is different and incompatibilities happen sometimes! Think of our refund and exchange policy as a seat belt, keeping you secure. 

Seriously, would you really want to return a sports car and go back to driving a piece of junk? The same goes with our products. Keep them, use them, give them a chance to do their thing, and don’t go back to sneaking your wife or girlfriend’s moisturizer. 

Given the quality of FaceLube’s Masculine Men’s Face Care products at an unbeatable value and price, the buyer’s risk is minimized. We know you won’t be disappointed! If you’re still not sure, give us a call or Contact Us, we'd be happy to help you out! 

25. How about QUALITY? World class credentials you can count on.

FaceLube doesn't cut corners. Cutting corners is a bad idea for car repairs and just as bad for men's grooming, men's skin care and men's face creams in general. If you depend on your vehicle to get around, or if face-to-face contact with people is an important part of your life style, than it's important to be selective about what you use on your face.

FaceLube works with world-class manufacturing partners to bring you the best in men's skin care and men's grooming products. We have an unparalleled emphasis on credentials and our manufacturing partners must first demonstrate a history of exceptionally high standard of innovation, quality, backed by decades of experience. As a result, our ingredient suppliers, R&D laboratories, and manufacturing facilities are some of the most respected in the industry and best kept secrets from the public. Some of our manufacturing partners are the same people behind some of the world's most well known, trusted and prestigious brands. The same brands that you will find at department stores, specialty stores, physician offices, high-end resorts, spas and luxury hotels. 

FaceLube's American manufacturers are FDA registered and cGMP facilities. FaceLube's Western European manufacturers are ISO certified and/or multi-year prestigious industry award winners. cGMP and ISO are internationally recognized quality compliance systems that ensure the highest standards in manufacturing. 

26. Bath tubs and high-performance engine lubricants vs. kitchen sinks and the best face creams

Did you know that one of America's best known lubricant oil companies started out in a bathtub? FaceLube applauds this remarkable achievement and true testament to American ingenuity. If you were among the company's earliest customers, your car probably didn't mind either. However, the kitchen sink equivalent with its subjective sanitary conditions is no place for high performance men's grooming, men's skin care and anti-aging products. 

Next time you find yourself tempted by the claims of an unknown brand, or ads that tout the exclusivity, uniqueness of the product and how that make it desirable to manufacture it by hand in small batches, picture it in your mind and apply common sense. 

27. Individually sealed for your protection

For another example of the care that FaceLube takes with the brands we represent, look no further than the packaging. FaceLube demands sealed containers over open jars and dropper bottles to lessen the risk of oxidation and contamination. FaceLube opted for treatment style bottles rather than tubes, because we believe that products of unparalleled quality should also be easy to use. FaceLube is committed to your safety. Each bottle is security sealed for your protection - you wouldn't want your mechanic to put used parts on your trusted ride, so why risk taking home a product someone else may have already sampled. 

This attention to detail takes a chunk out of our profit margin, but FaceLube believes that You, the Customer, are worth it. 

28. Help me sort through all the different brands, products and claims out there

Shopping for face care products shouldn't be a daunting task. However, there are so many brands, so many claims, and even worse, a dizzying array of different names for products that essentially do the same thing, it is a hassle sorting through it all, a waste of time and tries the patience of even the most leisure-able personality.


No more sorting through labels on retail shelves, no more navigating through endless aisles and web pages of bottles, jars and tubes each with their own claims, no more pressure sale at beauty counters when you'd rather be left alone, and finally, no more fishing for the best men's skin care and grooming products in the women's beauty section.


Let FaceLube cut through the confusion and make the choice easy for you. FaceLube brings you exceptional value for your money in advanced anti-aging technology, made by world class manufacturers with solid credentials earned through decades of commitment to quality, innovation and service. 

29. TRUST: What Masculine Face Care and the First Year of New Model Vehicles have in common.

What's your motivation for entrusting your ride to the store where you take your vehicle in for service? For some, only the dealership will do. Others find safety in numbers and opt for well known national chains. And then there are independent centers that appeal to the community conscious car owner. Regardless of your style, it's still the people in these centers and the confidence they instill by getting the job done right and under budget the first time that really matters. 

FaceLube keeps a careful eye on new anti-aging break-through's in skin care for men and introduces them through our stores only when we have confidence in the technology. The latest and newest may not be the best for you. For FaceLube, it's not about rushing the latest technology in men's skincare and anti-aging to our customers, it's about finding the right balance. It's like the first year of a new model vehicle, it's not always the smart buy, because the manufacturer hasn't had the time to gain meaningful feedback to work out the bugs. When it comes to new anti-aging in men's skin care technology, don't volunteer your face to help work out someone else's bugs. 

30. How'd you come up with that name? FaceLube

The name FaceLube pays homage to our automotive origins. FaceLube's parent company has strong ties to the 'fast lube' industry. Fast lubes are facilities across the country where vehicle owners routinely get their cars' oil changed and chassis lubed. Our flagship brand FaceLube comes in a box that looks like a motor oil bottle. Read more about our origins and the woman behind FaceLube here

FaceLube is not an on-line store or virtual business at all. FaceLube is in fact very brick and mortar. FaceLube's exclusive distributor in the USA is a Los Angeles based equipment manufacturer and long-time vendor to many top names in the automotive industry for over 20 years - the same world class brands that you have come to trust with your ride. Give us a call anytime. You won't get an outsourced call center, just friendly and helpful customer service people, right here at FaceLube.