FaceLube Ultra Masculine Anti-Aging Skincare For The Man's Man


Brand Story

FaceLube is proud to be an America business. FaceLube was founded by Candace Chen, a 20+year veteran of the automotive industry. Her primary company is an automotive aftermarket manufacturer and equipment supplier to many of the top names in the automotive industry in the US and abroad.  

FaceLube started out as a hobby. After 20+ years in the automotive industry, Candace decided to pursue a personal passion in beauty and couture. As the rare female executive in the male dominated automotive industry, when her male colleagues and friends heard that she was going into the beauty business, much to her surprise, they started asking her for skincare advice. These candid conversations lead to insights about the product, marketing, and buying preferences of men, and paved the way to her expertise and patents in cutting edge, innovative marketing solutions to the beauty industry. 

The FaceLube philosophy/message is strongly masculine, utilizing ‘car talk’/automotive analogy to communicate with men. FaceLube as a company and brand is very tongue-in-cheek. Candace chose the name ‘FaceLube’ to pay homage to her automotive background. Oil change facilities are known in the automotive industry as ‘fast lubes’. Since there are quick lubes, fast lubes, Jiffy Lube’s and so on in the industry, why not FaceLube! The logo represents stylized motor oil. The company’s d.b.a. is FaceLube Automotive. FaceLube has strong ties with the automotive industry and considers ourselves an automotive company that just happens to be distributing high-performance men’s grooming products! 

About Our Founder

Did you know that Candace is an award winning small business advocate who is passionate about leveling the playing field for American manufacturing companies exporting US made products overseas? 


Among her many honors, she is an appointed trade policy advisor on SMEs (Small & Medium Sized Enterprises) to two US cabinet level officials – the U.S. Secretary of Commerce and the U.S. Trade Representative. Ms. Chen was first appointed by the Clinton Administration, re-appointed by the Bush and Obama Administrations and is honored to continue her service in the Trump Administration. See her extended profile on LinkedIn.  

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